41c0ib7y4lI have read a lot about Mischling by Affinity Konar. So much so, that I was almost afraid to read it, given the subject matter -Mengele’s twin experiments at Auschwitz. Adding to the rave reviews, was a personal one from a former colleague who has never steered me wrong, so I thought I would give it a try. I have to say, however, that I didn’t like Mischling, and not because of the disturbing content. I just never really got into the story. The twins’ own story was fascinating, and the book was very well executed, but it didn’t pull me in. The beginning 50-60% of the story that took place at Auschwitz was too long and drawn out. The subsequent 40% was much more interesting, but still didn’t keep me engaged. I slogged through and was eager to get to the end so I could move on to something else.

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