The Last One

41ze6ZTTpzLThe Last One by Alexandra Oliva is reality show meets apocalypse. You fall right into this story, particularly if, like me, you were a long-ago fan of “Survivor.” I believe Oprah had this on a “You Won’t be Able to Put This Book Down” list, which was 100% appropriate – I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish it. The basic story is of twelve contestants competing in a “Survivor”-like reality show. While they are filming the show, a virus spreads across the country, but the contestants know nothing about it. Alternating chapters tell either of the filming of the reality show or of the post-apocolyptic world in which one of the reality show contestants unknowingly ends up. While disturbing, this was an interesting premise and enjoyable read. My only issue was with the ending, which tied things up too quickly.

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