61tVx2kMPCLI was lucky enough to be chosen to pre-read Harmony by Carolyn Parkhurst for an online book club organized by Everyday I Write the Book blogger, Gayle Weiswasser. I had read Parkhurst’s Dogs of Babel a while ago and was eager to see what she did with this newest story. Harmony is the story of Iris and her sister, Tilly, who is on the spectrum. Iris has always lived in Tilly’s shadow – Tilly is the primary focus of their parents’ attention. This focus increases as Tilly ages and becomes more and more difficult to raise both at home and at school. When the family moves from DC to NH to join Scott Bean at his new Camp Harmony, things begin to go even more wrong. But, beautifully, as things fall apart, the sisters and the family grow together. Harmony is a wonderfully written book both about caring for an autistic child and also about family relationships. I liked how it jumped from place and time and was written in three perspectives, Iris’, Tilly’s, and the mom, Alexandra’s. I would absolutely add this to your “to-read” list.

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