The Brothers K

41RIISa1CSL.jpgLike The Big House (reviewed here), The Brothers K by David James Duncan was recommended at the St. Patrick’s book fair by a staff member (the same one, in fact). So, I had to give this one a try too. And, while I would love to say I adored it as much as The Big House, I can’t. In fact, I slogged through it, taking the whole week to read it (which is unheard of from me, especially at the beach), and dragging my feet the entire way. The only reason I finished it is because of the fondness and respect I have for the recommender. Perhaps it would have been better if I had read The Brothers Karamozov? And, while the last 100 or so pages were MUCH better than the other 540, nevertheless, I can’t say I recommend this one.

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