Britt-Marie Was Here

51-xkgOkGqLHaving adored A Man Called Ove, I was nervous to read another Backman book, but I was a intrigued when good reviews kept coming out about Britt-Marie Was Here, so I gave it a try. And, though I liked it, didn’t hold a candle to Ove. Britt-Marie has left her husband and finds a job in a small town whose economy has tanked and is losing its residents. In taking over as the custodian for the community center, she is forced to examine her fastidiousness and simultaneously learns a great deal about herself. It’s a sweet story in many ways, but Britt-Marie was a bit annoying and I didn’t feel invested in her the way I did Ove. I also didn’t like the open-ended ending. This wasn’t a bad read, but not a favorite either.

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