Along the Infinite Sea

510xRpLXrWLHaving read Beatrix Williams’ other books (A Hundred Summers, reviewed here, The Secret Life of Violet Grant, reviewed here, and Tiny Little Thing, reviewed here), I was excited to pick up another, Along the Infinite Sea. And, it did not disappoint. In the same way the the other three books were a bit predictable, you could see some of the action in Along the Infinite Sea coming, but it didn’t detract from an enjoyable, well-woven tale. Pepper Schuyler, the protagonist, has gotten herself into a bit of a pickle by getting pregnant with a married man. Fortunately for her, Annabelle Dommerich, takes Pepper under her wing. The story bounces back and forth from the 30s to the 60s so that you learn about both women’s complicated pasts. This was an interesting love story times two.

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