Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

81aw87mToiLAfter starting and rejecting both The Improbability of Love by Hannah Rothschild and The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult, I picked up Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling  on the recommendation and loan of a friend at work. I enjoyed it (much more than Bossypants), and it was a very quick read, but I didn’t think it was hilarious. Perhaps this type of book just isn’t for me…
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2 thoughts on “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

  1. So bummed you didn’t like The Storyteller. I really liked it! If you’re at all into “feasible” post apocalyptic books, I also liked Life as we Knew it and Station 11.

    • I know. I had been looking forward to reading it for a while. I think I just read too many Jodi Picoult and am tired of her formula. The premise was interesting, but I just couldn’t get into it. I liked Station 11, so I’ll give Life As We Know It a try. Thanks!!

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