Born With Teeth

51H2ypUp9XLI must have been living under a rock to not know that Kate Mulgrew not only played Red on “Orange is the New Black,” but was also famously on “Cheers,” “Ryan’s Hope” and “Star Trek”. I had seen her memoir, Born With Teeth, on lots of Best of 2015 book lists and added it to mine, thinking I might enjoy it, since I like memoirs so much. I did enjoy it very much and the added bonus was that I learned a great deal about an actress I knew nothing at all about. Her writing style was too spare at first and jumped about without enough explanation, but it came together and grew on me toward the middle and end. I also liked the photos to head each chapter (one chapter was missing a photo, which was weird and offended my OCD sensibilities). I frequently looked back to the listing which described each photo and wish they had been captioned instead. It would have been even more annoying to have to flip back and forth on a Kindle. This issue aside, I highly recommend you pick it up.
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