Circling the Sun

51FTAH7MTCLI had to read Circling the Sun by Paula McLain in a hurry because it was due at the library. I wanted to read the book because I had read good reviews and because I think I liked The Paris Wife (though I read The Paris Wife before I began this blog and can’t really recall – most of the reason I started writing down my thoughts was so I could remember what I read and liked). The main character of Circling the Sun, Beryl, was raised in Africa. She was abandoned by her mother as a young girl and raised by her father as a wild child who ended up training horses as her father did before her. It was an interesting story and I enjoyed reading it. However, I hated the choices Beryl made and this made me irritated all the way through the book. While I didn’t dislike the book, my distaste for the protagonist certainly made it more challenging to read.
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