The Secret Wisdom of the Earth

81d24rVIwrL._SL1500_I chose Christoper Scotton’s The Secret Wisdom of the Earth based on a review on Oprah’s website about best new books to read. It was a slow starter and quite long, so, while I enjoyed it, I did think about giving up as it plodded along. I think too many of the books I have been reading of late have been such page turners, that a quieter book was hard for me to get into. About 3/4 of the way in, however, the book picked up the pace significantly and I could not put it down. It is a wonderful, multi-layered story about a boy and his grieving parents who returns to his mother’s childhood home to heal. In the healing, the boy grows up and his family makes changes and moves forward. I do think the beginning could have been condensed a bit to make way for the more engaging parts toward the end, but I appreciated the quiet the author achieved in the way he approached the story. This is definitely worth grabbing and enjoying!
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