Station Eleven

91gbbvZEBEL._SL1500_It was hard to pick up a new book after reading The Girl on the Train (for a good review, read Gayle Weisswaser’s most recent post on her wonderful blog, Everyday I Write the Book). That’s what always happens when I love a book. However, Station Eleven was another one that drew you right in from the first scene. I am not entirely sure what to make of Station Eleven, however. It was a great read and I had trouble putting it down each night, but at the same time, it was disconcerting. I enjoyed the ins and outs of the characters and how they tied together. I liked the moving back in forth both in time and place. But, the open-ended quality and missing details frustrated me. It was almost too devoid of detail in many instances. Part of that lack of depth was effective and contributed to the disquiet you should have felt as you read it. But another part was like a niggling itch that you can’t quite get to. Overall, though, this was an interesting glimpse into a post-apocalyptic America and a book that I very much enjoyed reading.
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