The Heiresses

91FRzmZgjSL._SL1500_I am embarrassed to admit that I read The Heirsesse. Read the whole thing. A typical paragraph, “Something akin to a snicker sounded from across the room. Rowan did a double take at Natasha’s sleeping form. Her hands were still at her sides, hair fanned out, and feet pointed up.  But one thing had changed. Now there was just the teensiest hint of a smile on her face now. [Note the two nows in the previous sentence.] It seemed teasing. Taunting. Oh you naive fools, she seemed to be saying.  As if she was duping them all. [Shouldn’t it be were?]” Oooof. Painful. Harper Collins, where are your editors?? But, the mystery of disappearing heiresses had to be solved, and I soldiered through and finished the thing. Ug. Don’t bother for sure unless you want to go through like grammar police.
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