The Invention of Wings

81soxgF1uuL._SL1500_I ended up really enjoying The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. It was a little slow because I didn’t have dedicated chunks for reading through most of it. I did at the end, however, and that’s where it really became appealing to me. And, also, when I discovered that it was a fictionalized true story (I am embarrassed to admit that since I had never heard of the Grimke sisters and I was an American Studies major with a concentration in Women’s History). What worked for this book was the shifting back and forth from Sarah Grimke to Hetty (the slave Sarah was “gifted” when she turned 11). While Hetty’s was the weaker of the two narratives, it served to offer poignant perspective and to horrify the reader. This is definitely a book worth reading if for nothing else than to learn about some pretty courageous women.
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