A Tale for the Time Being

91YKPoyLhmL._SL1500_A Tale for the Time Being is another book that had been on my list for a long time. I am not sure where the recommendation came from, but I began the book feeling like it was a great one. As the book wore on, however, I grew increasingly disappointed with the story. I loved the idea of the diary from Japan washing up on the shore of a remote island and found by an author who becomes intertwined with the writer, but it dragged midway through until the end. And, the ending was really disappointing. Surely, Ruth, who had invested so much time and energy into the story would have wanted to find the author and/or her father and make sure they were all right. And the epilogue, after all that writing, was a cop-out, I thought. I was sorry this book didn’t meet my expectations and glad to be finished reading it.

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