The Goldfinch

download (1)I read a wonderful blog by a fellow NCS’r called “Everyday I Write the Book” (clever title). Gayle Weiswasser and I have a similar taste in books. She is lucky enough to have relationships with publishers (something I dream of) and often has give-aways on her blog. For one of the only times ever, I entered and won something – The Goldfinch. I was excited about this win because I loved Tartt’s A Secret History.

I did enjoy The Goldfinch, but it was far too long for me. Not only was it far too long, but in book form (rather than on the Kindle), it was downright unwieldy. The book also made a distracting creaking noise when opened, which bothered me after a while.

These minor issues aside, while I would recommend this book, it had some trouble spots for me and was not a slam-dunk, 5-star selection. For starters, I kept wondering through the whole first half why the bombing had happened. I appreciate that the book is told from a kid’s point of view, but it was a stumbling block that he didn’t find out. Second, the Vegas section went on far too long. While I understand why Tartt gave you extensive detail about the drugs and alcohol and wild behavior of the boys, it was just too much for me and became tiresome and unbelievable. Same for when he was in the hotel in Amsterdam near the end. I understand why she did what she did, but for me, it was too much. I was tired of Theo’s behavior and just wished he would get his act together. I did appreciate learning about The Goldfinch as a painting and I liked the way the painting problem was solved. I kept thinking, though, that life would all work itself out for Theo and Pippa as well as it did with the painting.

Overall, I would certainly recommend this as a good read of 2013, but I would not hold it up as high as some others I have read recently. Hopefully I will find something shorter to read next, so my one reader doesn’t think I have fallen off the face…

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