The Last Original Wife

downloadI have a habit of adding any book that sounds remotely interesting to me to my Amazon Wish List. When I have time, I search the public library catalog to see if any of the books on my list are available for Kindle. When I get the email that one of the books on my library list is available for check out, I generally put my “real” book stack on hold because of the pressure of the library book to be read and returned (though thanks to some un-named friends, I now understand how to put the Kindle on airplane mode to keep the library book as long as I want – moral problems with that be damned). So, sometimes, the books that come up on my library list are ones I have forgotten about or have no idea why I put them on my must-read list. The Last Original Wife is one of those. However, came up it did, and after reading the first few pages, I was hooked (as embarrassing as that is to admit).

I can only kindly describe The Last Original Wife as a beach read. AT BEST. Just look at the cover. But, it was entertaining, and light, just what I needed to keep me from thinking about all the other things there are to think about. There were definite flaws in this one. Why did Les keep going back and forth from Charleston to Atlanta over and over, for example? And why would she even bother with counseling when she knew it was over? Also, I kept expecting that the relationship with Jonathan would result in Wes being able to keep all the money because Les had had an affair while in Charleston. I had a feeling the entire time that she was going to return to Wes. While I am glad she didn’t, in the end, it took too long for the author to get there. Again, though, it was book candy. An easy and quick read that I did want to return to each day to find out where Les would end up. However, I am glad I am finished and plan to move on to something with a little more meat.

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