Me Before You

81YFR0tzqgL._SL1500_Me Before You sat on my bedside table for a while, tempting me. But, I had library books and other important matters to attend to before I could manage it. Wow, I should have made this one a priority. It was such a good read that I read it in two days. My only complaint was the change in voice that surprised me and snuck in too long after I was used to hearing Louisa’s perspective.

Overall, however, this story is one that is worth reading. I began thinking it was going to be predictable. Of course they were going to fall in love. But, what was going to be the hook? How was it going to happen? Moyes wrote the book in such a way that you had to read to find out, even while having the inevitability in the back of your mind the whole way through.

While reading, I was able to shut out everything else happening in life. And, by the end, all I could do was weep.

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