All-Time Favorites

People know I read a lot. Consequently, I am frequently asked “What have you read lately that you have loved?” and “What are your favorites?” This post is a compilation with no comments. In gathering the list, I loved finding the covers of the versions I actually read. I will follow up with a post about favorites from 2013, since it is drawing to a close.

These are in no particular order…

Picture2 Picture3 Picture5

One thought on “All-Time Favorites

  1. Oh my gosh, I have read so many of your favorites. (No big surprise, really.) I am jealous that you have kept a list of everything you have read. I sure wish I had done that. Two on your waiting list that I particularly loved are Orphan Train and The Silent Wife. Also, Buddha in the Attic and The Kitchen House are very good. This blog is just awesome. Thanks again! Oh, and had to comment on Still Alice. Wasn’t that powerful? I read Lisa Genova’s next two–Left Neglected and Love Anthony. Both very good as well.

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